Dominik Strycharski

(born 1975) - Polish composer, recoder player, vocalist, improviser,
performer and teacher. He practically self-taught in each of the cultivated fields, supported
by studies at Musical Education at the University of Silesia in Cieszyn.

He is a completely versatile artist fascinated by virtually every manifestation of music. His huge output includes albums, concerts and one-off events with jazz music, improvised, experimental, noise, club and post-theater, and theater. He deals with both music and sound in itself.

He plays and composes contemporary jazz, in many electric and acoustic scenes, contemporary music, electronic, theatrical, post-hiphop, noise as well as various varieties of improvised music, in his own projects Doministry and in the Pulsarus, Organic Panic and Prophetic Fall bands.

It is possible to say one of the few recoder players dealing with jazz and experimental improvised music. He is also one of the first Polish experimental vocalists who have included extensive electronics in his performance technique.